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Farming  products

                                                           Olive  oil  &  Wine 

      The  Nikologiannis  produce  their  own  red  wine  and  olive  oil, on their  private  fields  in  Peania. 


Our vineyards are located in the fields of  Paiania for more than 70 years. There are more varieties which are able to produce white and red wine.
There are also some edible varieties.

The agronomist Sotiris Nikologiannis and the new agronomist of the family Natasa Nikologianni, at a visit on the vineyards.

Visit and tour to each vineyard from agronomist Sotiri Nikologianni.

The closer look to each vine is that, which make our vines special.

Our secret is to keep our vines healthy and alive.

  In  our  store  you  can  also  find  storage  containers  for  olive  oil,  wine  barrels, bottles, corks, grape  crushers, destemmers  and  all  the  necessary  wine   making  supplies. 






 4 Ioannou  Metaxa , 19002 Peania, Greece , Tel : 0030 210 6642060  

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